Food & Chef Lab
Food & Chef Lab

Food & Chef Lab, led by chef Giuseppe Daddio, aims to provide students with an overview on the management of food & beverage, illustrating the critical issues of the food and wine business and the connectionwith the hospitality sector, the strong link between the territory and agri-food excellence. The workshop includes meetings both in the classroom and in the kitchen to better acquire the skills, abilities and knowledge in the F&B sector.

peppe daddio
Giuseppe Daddio

Giuseppe Daddio studied at the Maddaloni Hotel Institute. He is director and founder of the Maddaloni School Dolce & Salato, created with his partner Aniello Di Caprio, in 1998. He began his career through important experiences: from the Cristallo of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Scala in Milan to Badrutz’s Palace Hotel in Switzerland. He worked in Roman kitchens, from the Eden Hotel to the Open Colonna starred restaurant, from the Hotel Capri Palace to consultancy for the Dwine Restaurant and La Locanda delle Trame. He collaborated with Colonna by conducting a thematic television gastronomic program “Alice. He became executive chef of the kitchen of a new hotel in the center of Rome “Es Hotel”, remaining in office for five years to manage the kitchens, leading a team of 20 chefs. He is the author of the book “Ricett ‘iss” awarded in 2010 in Paris with the Book Award, as the best book written by Italian chef. In 215 he collaborated in the drafting of the book “Health and Goodness in the kitchen” in collaboration with the nutritionist Prof. Giorgio Calabrese. He held the title of Mozzarlella Campania Ambassador in the world. In recent years he has gained a really concrete experience in conducting consultancy activities for start – ups and food activities already underway.

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