Study in Naples 2021-23

Study in Naples 2021-23


The new “Study in Naples 2021/2023” call for proposals is available online at, on the University website  and in the international section,  to support the internationalisation of courses of study.

The Call for Proposals is adressed to  incoming students with an admission qualification obtained abroad who intend to enroll in one of the international courses offered by the University.

A detailed list of the courses for which it is possible to apply is available in the call for applications.
The call for applications will allocate 13 (thirteen) 2-year scholarships, each one corresponding to a total gross amount of €  12.000,00 ( € 6.000,00 per year).
Please consider that the number of the scholarships may be increased up to 29, based on availability of funds by Compagnia di SanPaolo or other funding agencies.

The aim of the call is to support the existing International Courses of Study offered by the University and to foster the proposal of new ones, increasing their competitiveness and attractiveness for foreign students.

Applications for scholarships can only be submitted electronically by students no later than July 25th 2021 at 24:00 (Italian/CET time)

Applicants have to follow the procedure as indicated in the call.