Rossana Valenti

Rossana Valenti is a Latin Language and Literature Full Professor at the University of Naples Federico II. Her main fields of study are classic rhetoric and the usage of IT in relationship with the classical disciplines, for which she presented reports at international conventions, organized seminars and workshops and has written articles and monographs.
She contributed to the proposal of some financed projects, for which her role was that of “Principal Investigator”:
1) “La donna nel Mediterraneo” (financed in 2004 by Regione Campania). ‘La donna nel Mediterraneo’ project ( received two international awards. It took part in the Italian eContent Award 2004/2005, (organized by the Polytechnic Foundation of Milan and the MEDICI Framework and inspired by the WSA – World Summit Award) which selects high quality e-content. During the second edition, held in Tunis in 2005, the site represented Italy at the World Summit; it was the third in the e-Culture category – Special mention category e-Inclusion. ‘La donna nel Mediterraneo’ project participated in Netd@ys, an initiative of the European Commission to promote the use of new media (multimedia, Internet, videoconferencing and new audiovisual instruments) in the field of education and culture, and it turned out to be among the 10 Italian winners, after a European selection of over 6000 participants. In June 2014 the Web archiving program of the Bavarian State Library proposed to include in its long term digital archive the site ‘La donna nel Mediterraneo’. The Bavarian State Library (BSB) is one of the most important research libraries in Europe. It collaborates with the Leibniz Supercomputing Center in the creation of a long-lasting digital archive, in which the most significant cultural sites can be permanently preserved.
2) A project related to the creation of a Regional Competence Center for the development and the transfer of Innovation applied to Cultural and Environmental Heritage (INNOVA) (financed by the POR Campania 2000-2006 action 3.16).
3) “Traccia. La tracciabilità culturale dei prodotti della Campania”, winner of the call FARO 2010 (Funding for the start of original researches).
4) DATABENC Project (High Technologists District for Cultural Assets), which created a limited consortium company (SCa RL) on October 17th 2012: as part of this project, she set up in 2016 at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples an exhibition entitled “The Phlegraean Fields Beyond the Visible”, which collected materials and main lines of extensive research on the literary tradition relating to this part of the Campania region, rich in archaeological documentation and memorial values.
She is a member of the editorial board of the magazine”; she is also co-director of the Didaskein series, published by Fedoa Press.

rossana valenti