International students can apply through the Study in Naples call, at the following link.
In addition, for ordinary applications: the course is reserved to 50 students.

The selections will take place online in the first ten days of September 2020.
In July the call will be published on the website and on the website

Selection criteria:

1. Graduation mark

2. Oral online interview based on questions of logic, interpretation of the text, current events and / or general knowledge, basic topics of the tourism sector and finally a motivational interview where the candidate will talk about his motivation.

It is also required to have a level of knowledge of the English language corresponding to at least B1 and to present a certification or self-certification in the booking process for the selection, as indicated in the notice.

If you are unable to provide this documentation, you will have to take part of the interview in English.

Those who do not pass the foreign language part of the selection but who, however, achieve a score overall to be included in the ranking, must obtain certification equal to level B1 within the first year of enrollment (Additional Educational Obligations).

In the months of June and July, a simulation of the test is scheduled, with related notices on the website:, pg Fb and Instagram.

General program

The oral interview is based on the following topics:

A) General knowledge:

1. Logic and the text comprehension
2. Current events and general culture

B) Tourism sector:

1. General analysis of the tourism sector
2. Tourist behavior and the role of digitalization
3. Products and sectors of the tourism sector
4. Firms in the tourism sector
5. Destination Management
6. First hints on Tourism law
7. Food and tourism

Tuition fee

The Degree Course in Hospitality Management is part of the educational offer from the Federico II University of Naples. Being a public university, in order to enroll in the course it will be necessary to pay a tuition fee that reflects both the family’ s financial and income status.
To simulate the tuition fees due, we recommend that you go to: