Selection Process
The course is limited to only 50 students

The course is restricted to a maximum of 50 students who are selected by means of an admission test, following an announcement published on our website on 5th July 2019. You can download the announcement in this page.

1: Selection test

Admission Test Format:

  • 10 Logic Questions
  • 10 Text comprehension questions
  • 15 Current affairs and general knowledge questions
  • 30 Questions regarding your understanding of the English language (equivalent to level B1)
2: Motivational interview for the first 100 candidates


  • Publication date: 5th July 2019
  • Deadline for the submission to the selection test: 29th August 2019 h 12:00 pm
  • Date of selection: 9th September 2019

Tuition fee

The Degree Course in Hospitality Management is part of the educational offer from the Federico II University of Naples. Being a public university, in order to enroll in the course it will be necessary to pay a tuition fee that reflects both the family’ s financial and income status, pending the publication of the University Taxation System for A.A. 2019/20.
To simulate the tuition fees due, we recommend that you go to:
where you can check out the tuition fees that were applicable for 2018/2019.